Sunday’s Make Me Fat!

September 20th, 2009 by Kurt

Dear Life,

IM BACK! I really hope that you didn’t miss me! That would be horrible! Anyway I’ve been busy getting ready for the big-bad talent show that my town has at their festival every year. I’m going to be playing a really jazzed up version of Apologize by One Republic and I’m going to be whooping some ass, (just saying.)

Yesterday was Saturday, and on Saturday I went to a music store to get a PAD REPLACED on my saxophone. It didn’t really need to be replaced because I ripped it off in band class and threw it away because I didn’t want to have to play one of my band teachers lame-ass songs.¬† (true story) So now I will be forced to rip another one off….my life is so hard. After I was finished mingling at the music store with the gay daycare teacher¬† I decided to go to the bookstore and buy 4 books that I will probably never read. Then I went to McDonalds to find a PUBIC HAIR IN MY HAPPY MEAL! EWWY! Well that’s pretty much all that I have to say, I have school tomorrow and i hope that some good blogging material will come my way!

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Welcome To My Exaggerated Life

September 15th, 2009 by Kurt

Dear Life,
As you know I am starting this blog. You are reading this and probably wondering what this hot mess is all about. Well. I am going to tell you right after I give you some guidelines or tips.
1. Yes, i am a freshmen. and sleeping freshmen never lie.
2. There will probably be some (or a lot) of POTTY-MOUTH language on my future/recent/upcoming/waste-your-time life posts.
3. Yes, i call these “life posts” instead of blog posts. (it makes me look smarter’er, so go with it!)

Okay. Now that we’re finished with the busyness, let me introduce myself! My name is Kurt (hints the title) and i just so happen to be in my middle teenage years, 15 to be exact. I call the Midwest my home [The Gateway to The West] – smack dab right in the middle of Missouri for the geographically challenged – not by choice, but circumstance. I am what some may call “frekin awesome”, with greater emphasis on the word ‘awesome’ rather than ‘frekin’. I believe there is a distinct difference between the two. While both may be considered great, one may be considered a little more suave in natural settings. I just totally copied and pasted all of that off of my myspace…..yeah, i know. Im a rebel.

Anyway on this blog I will be talking about my school life mostly and sometimes get personal (are you excited?) I will discuss the old science/band teacher who is a little too ‘touchy’ if you know what i mean…..ewwy! I will also discuss a lot more useless but awesomly entertaining crap that you will love to read! I’m going to try to post everyday but that might not happen. It might be something like every other day. I DONT KNOW!

Well i really have to go eat,

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